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Your Voice Your Child

If you are pregnant, or have already had your baby when you read this post, or you know a pregnant friend or family member who has already given birth, please allow me to introduce my book, Your Voice Your Child.

Starting in the womb, the most powerful influence to determine how your baby-to-be will later speak and sing kicks in. And it doesn’t stop there. During the first 6-12 months, as your child bursts with powerful energy that connects outside information to her inside neural network, this most powerful influence will continue forming her life-long communication patterns. What is this amazing influence? Your voice. More specifically—and crucially—your responses to her vocal cues.

In Your Voice Your Child, discover how to equip your child for future excellence in her verbal and vocal skills by starting off with simple vocal activities that empower you to shape her innate capacity to learn how to express ideas without fear or self-consciousness, and to communicate with clarity and confidence.

“A tiny tool is the voice to change the world so large.”

I decided to write this book for you because my passion for helping mothers guide their children’s verbal skills had already been helping mothers for years with my calming music. But then I realized that I needed to give more.

So now you can not only utilize my Calming Prenatal & Infant Music, designed to help shape your baby’s voice starting around 22 weeks into pregnancy (and beyond), you can also bring into play a book to make it fun (and easier than you think) to succeed in using your voice to create a calm home and learning environment for yourself and your baby.

Get the book here

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