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Just One More Easy Step!

To receive your free gifts and get my SingBabySing® updates, you will need to confirm through a link that has been sent to the email you entered into the subscription box.

That’s because, like everyone else, my site is required to operate under what is called a “confirmed opt-in policy” for subscriptions, which basically means that you have to officially confirm that you want to receive the free gifts and updates I offered to you when you subscribed to my site.

I know it seems kind of silly, but it is there to protect your privacy in this spammer-crazy world of ours.

Think of it as a dialogue that goes something like this:

“Hi, and thanks for subscribing.  I can hardly wait to send you your free gift and updates, but first I need you to do one more thing for me.”

“I knew there was going to be a catch.  What else do you want?”

“No, no no, it’s nothing like that.  I just have to do this 2-part process thing to be double completely sure that spammers are not using your email address, that’s all.  So, if you’re good with it, I’ll send you an email and then you will need to click on a link in that email and we’ll be cool.  Do you still want to?”


“Awesome!….so go to your Inbox now and open the email I sent, then click on the confirm link there and after that you will be fully subscribed to receive your gift and my updates.”

That’s It So Go To Your Inbox And Click On The Confirm Link!

If you do not receive that email, check your spam folder and be sure to add singbabysing.net to your buddy list or safe site list, whatever your email provider calls it.

I’m done now, unless you have any questions.  Please post them on the Questions Page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to being your expert guide on this wonderful journey of your very own Mom’s Voice Makeover!

Let’s get started!  Go to your Inbox now!