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Voice Update

It seems ridiculous that it’s so hard for me to maintain a daily routine for blogging. I suppose I need to give a bit more thought as to why I actually have a blog to begin with. But I don’t feel like being analytical today.

I just want to voice my opinion, like anybody else.

So much of today’s world swirls at a techie-imposed tempo that I often wonder how I ever managed to survive in the wilderness of Alaska without RSS feeds, Vlogs, XH®L, CSS or Google’s Adsense and SEO tips.

That being said, I admit that it also feels great to pick up my pace now and then.

Today is such a day.

Afterall, this is all about the human voice, how the vocal cords work, why people are shy when asked to speak or sing in front of an audience, why it’s important to build credibility with VOIP, why early childhood is the best time to begin voice training for singing and speech.

That’s why you can hear me letting out a high sigh right now….if you’re listening, that is.


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