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Tune Into Baby

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

Professional women often face a daunting physical and emotional challenge after birthing, especially with the first baby. For instance, one new mother on mat leave (maternity leave) recently told me:

I spent decades successfully building my career, and yet, even after reading countless books and articles on the subject of birthing and parenting, when my baby arrived I felt completely unprepared.

She went on to say that the sudden shock of the birth, and the exhausting days and weeks that followed, left her feeling like a failure, as though everything she had accomplished vanished with her afterbirth.

This sense of powerlessness often stems from not understanding what her baby needs when it communicates through fussiness, crying, or worse, screaming. The frustration of not knowing what to do can make a woman’s professional identity feel woefully inadequate. If she feels she cannot find the tools she needs to solve the problem, she may easily spiral into depression as well.

Fortunately, this new mother learned that by listening in a certain way to the vocal cues of her baby and responding with her own voice in specific ways she could activate trust in her maternal instinct, feel a new sense of success, and renew her hope for the future.

Photo by Brytny.com on Unsplash

In short, by building confident momma-baby communication skills she took a baby step toward personal mastery of the art of parenting.

This young mother is not alone in her struggle to succeed in parenting. Over the years I have had the privilege of guiding countless young women toward the kind of self-assurance it takes to succeed in life, particularly when it comes to parenting. Now a nana (grandmother), I am continuing in the SingBabySing® tradition and getting ready to provide Tune Into Baby Classes (Momma-Baby Communication Workshops) for mothers and their babies in the Capital Beltway area.

If interested, please contact me in the comments area below, and I will keep you posted about the what, where, and when of the workshops.

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