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Calming Music for Mothers

SingBabySing® Guided Meditation Music for Mothers

Sample the CalmCalming music for mom meditation

Guided Meditation Music for Mothers takes you on a mesmerizing 10-minute journey where your only destination is relaxation. With original music written by award-winning composer, Joy Sikorski, and featuring the sounds of birds and waves she recorded in England, along with her soothing voice, this guided breathing and imagery CD makes taking care of yourself something easy to do.

  • Music made especially for mothers to rest, relax and restore their energy (babies calm down too!)
  • Features original music, bird and wave sounds from England and Joy Sikorski’s soothing voice
  • Includes guided breathing and imagery designed to calm you in 10 minutes
  • Appropriate for mothers of all ages

Science has shown that certain sounds can either soothe you or stir up tensions. Many of these sounds can be found in Nature, but others are found only in certain musical patterns rhythms and tones. Guided Meditation Music for Mothers makes use of all of these things and combines them with simple imagery-guided breathing techniques to deliver an easy and effective way for you to completely unwind.

You’ll be amazed by how little time it takes for Guided Meditation Music for Mothers to restore your energy so that you can give your baby your best, not to mention you giving YOURSELF your best too!

Sample the Calm