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I’m attempting to work from a priority list for daily tasks.
Today the list tells me I’m supposed to post a blog, so here it is:

Last night I had a most wonderful experience with the parents and staff at the Van Nuys Civic Child Development Center. The great people there really understood what I taught and demonstrated and were very open to learning and utilizing the tools I’m offering so that their children can learn to sing on pitch and develop excellent language skills.

Monique, one of the teachers that attended my teacher workshop at the facility on Saturday (9/30/06), was very excited about how the SBS CD is changing the atmosphere, making things calmer and happier for the children and the teachers. She was also very proud of her daughter, age 3, who had learned the SBS song in just a couple of days time. Way to go, Monique!

If I could work with people like you everyday, I’d be happy all my life!

Thanks to all the parents and staff (children too) at Van Nuys CCDC! Welcome to my SingBabySing® family!

I’m looking forward to when we see one another again.


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