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Prenatal Music, Mom’s Voice and Mother’s Milk

I’m always amazed by what the medical community has to say about the importance of a mom’s voice.

In fact, I came across another quote just today that’s from a book written in 1997 (so long ago :)) that kind of blows off my socks because so much has been said for so many years and yet there seems to be so little understanding about what moms can do to bond better with their babies by improving the sound of their voices.

Don Campbell,  in his book, The Mozart Effect,  discusses his personal experiences of healing through the use of using music and his voice, includes a quote by Alfred Tomatis, M.D., the famous French otolaryngologist who actually coined the term “Mozart Effect” before Don Campbell popularized it.

However, Dr. Tomatis did not refer to the Mozart Effect in terms of increased intelligence but utilized Mozart’s music, along with Gregorian chant and recordings of the voices of the mothers of patients to help speed up the healing of diverse learning disorders that he believed stemmed from problems with processing sound or the meanings behind vocalizations.  His famous clinic in Paris continues to treat people from around the world, using the Tomatis Method.  He received many medals and honors for his work over the course of his lifetime.

Here is what Dr. Tomatis said many years ago:

“The vocal nourishment that the mother provides to her child is just as important to the child’s development as her milk.”

As you know, I have coined the term “The Puccini Effect” to refer to the power of the a mom’s voice to influence the vocal language development of her baby when she uses prenatal and infant music that soothes and improves the sound of her voice.

I believe that research and experience teaches us that the most powerful baby bonding experience comes from verbal interactions between a mom and her baby and I believe that when this starts with playing womb or prenatal music that is specially designed to increase the effectiveness of those verbal interactions during pregnancy and continuing after birth, the mom’s voice can play an even more powerful role in shaping and enhancing the verbal development of a baby.

Study after study about prenatal and infant music singing continues to show us that the mom’s voice is the most powerful one in the world because the sound of her voice sets foremost example for the baby to imitate.

Indeed makes mom’s voice a source of nourishment as her milk!

Imagine what this world would be like if mothers across the globe learned to improve the sounds of their voices to calm and nurture future generations.

If you are pregnant or if you have already had your baby, there is no time like the present to get started providing the vocal nourishment that your baby needs and deserves with my FREE ebook, Baby Voice Advantage Secrets.

Together, let’s make a this world a better place.

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