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Prenatal Music for Gifts

I love it when someone gives me a gift.  For instance, I hosted our family Thanksgiving dinner and post-Thanksgiving breakfast.

We had turkey and all the trimmings for the big day and sourdough blueberry pancakes – mmmm….yummy – for the breakfast.  I also made a huge batch of chili and homemade corn bread for 8 people for the Thanksgiving Eve dinner.

We had a fantastic time and everyone contributed to food and fun and all the love that family gives.

Because they are such nice people and wanted to express their appreciation for the work I did to host the family gathering, my cousin’s wife gave me a beautiful candle from the mountain community where they spend 50% of their time and my other cousin gave me a wonderful pine cone candle.

Like I said, I LOVE GIFTS! I love giving them and and I love getting them. Who wouldn’t?

There’s something extra special when the gift someone gives me reflects what they know about me.

Like my cousins. They know I love to light candles. In fact, one morning when I was working on my current book, I lit 19 candles around 4am when I woke up, and I enjoyed their cheery light until the sun began to come up and I turned the lights on.

It was awesome and maybe someday you will read my book….after I publish it!

Back to gifts.65% off singbabysing-prenatal-infant-music-cd-sale image

How about you?

The holidays are upon us and this is a great time to give gifts to people.

So, I would like to invite you to give my exclusive SingBabySing Prenatal and Infant Music CD, which is on sale now for 65% off.

Normally it sells for $14.99 but at 65% off it is only $5.25. I have a limited amount of copies so get a few. They make fantastic gifts and don’t cost much!

You can find out more about it right here….

Enjoy the gift of giving to others and have a fantastic holiday season!

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