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Prenatal Music, Calm Singing and Baby Bonding

pregnant belly prenatal musicThe more I teach others how to use their voices with confidence, beauty and power, the more I realize how crucial it is for mothers to discover the amazing benefits of using specially designed prenatal music to improve their voices while they are still pregnant.

Here are a few powerful reasons why prenatal music singing improves your life and the life of your baby:

  • Helps you to bond more deeply with your baby
  • Calms you down and calms down the baby
  • Builds a strong foundation for baby’s future language and singing skills
  • Releases endorphins to help you feel better

There are many many more, but these are enough to get started right away!

But let’s talk about each one of these separately for a moment.

Why Does Prenatal Music Singing Help You Bond More Deeply With Your Baby?

Bonding simply means incorporating your unborn baby into your current lifestyle.  When you sing to him or her, you are communicating in ways that words without music simply cannot do.  Science has all sorts of explanations about this but the most important thing for you to know is that your baby depends on your voice for security, comfort and a sense of being loved.

How Does Prenatal Music Singing Calm You and Your Baby?

Certain patterns of music notes (pitches or tones) are more calming than others and when you learn to sing these particular patterns using specifically designed prenatal music, your nervous system reacts in a positive way.  When you sing, you release endorphins in your body.  Endorphins are those feel good hormones that we usually associate with exercising or laughter.  Since your baby is directly attached to you by your umbilical cord, all emotions that you feel are also felt by your baby.  When you sing along with prenatal music that is specially designed to use the patterns that are known to create calm, your baby responds by calming down with you.  If you sing with this music consistently while you are pregnant, the baby will recognize the music and “remember” its calming effect after he or she is born.

How Does Prenatal Music Singing Build A Strong Foundation For Singing And Language Skills?

Research shows us that a child learns their most basic vocal skills from the mother’s voice.  Your baby will start hearing and your voice from inside your womb at about 22 weeks into pregnancy.  But your voice is “felt” by your baby as vibration before his or her hearing parts are fully formed.  Voice is vibration.  Words and singing are vibration.  Certain patterns of vibration, heard over and over again, imprint themselves in your baby’s brain, so that how you sound becomes what your baby will imitate. The more you improve and strengthen the sound of your own voice and how you communicate, the better example you give to your baby for singing and language skills.

How Does Prenatal Music Singing Make You Feel Better?

Remember what I mentioned above about how singing releases endorphins and how endorphins calm you down?  When you stay calm in stressful situations you feel better because you don’t release large amounts adrenaline, the stress hormone.  Also, when you sing along with specially designed prenatal music, you will breath more deeply, which gets more oxygen into your system.  More oxygen means more energy, better digestion, less toxins in the blood, strengthening your immune system, and the list goes on and on and on.

Prenatal music singing has many more advantages than these four that I have mentioned here.  But I thought that you would like know about these the most.

If you would like to know more about what your voice can do for your baby, get my FREE report, Baby Voice Advantage Secrets and start right away in giving your baby the best bonding experience possible by using your voice to calm yourself and your baby while you build a strong foundation for his or her future singing and language skills.

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