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Prenatal & Infant Music & Baby’s True Voice

Bernadette Peters of Broadway fame once told NPR’s Scott Simon on The Morning Edition,

“You know, when I was a little girl, they said I had a funny voice because I actually had a deep voice and that’s because my mother didn’t speak correctly. She had nodes that she had to have removed. So, you grow up listening to your mother. And as years went on and I got out of that bad habit, my real voice revealed itself.”

If ever there was a reason to understand the tremendous importance of your voice as a mom and how it affects the development of your child’s voice, the above statement by Bernadette Peters surely pinpoints it.

Thankfully, science has shown us that prenatal music and infant music can help.

In fact, everything I do here at SingBabySing® has to do with the very issue that Ms. Peters mentioned about her mother’s voice and how we all grow up listening to the voices of our mothers.  Ms. Peters says that she had a “funny” voice because of her mother’s incorrect speaking habits.  She also says that she was able to find her “real voice” when she got rid of the bad habits she had picked up from listening to her mother as a child.

I’d love to interview her and see what she thinks about giving mothers the opportunity to improve their voices while they are still pregnant and after the baby is born.

I wonder what she would think about prenatal and infant music that is designed specifically for creating a calm bonding experience with a baby while it helps the mom improve her own voice to build a positive foundation for her baby’s future verbal language skills.

In the case of Ms. Peters, those verbal skills include singing too.

That’s not surprising since the singing voice is the same as the speaking voice, but more intensified and refined.

It gives me heart to know that a big Broadway star understands this important concept about a mother’s voice and how it impacts her children.

And it gives me heart to know that I have created a product with Michael Silversher, Grammy Award winning children’s music composer, that will help mothers to experience a calming bonding experience with their babies while they build strong verbal language skills.

It’s so much easier than you can imagine to get started.

My free ebook, Baby Voice Advantage Secrets, tells you how, so why wait?

And it is super easy to get started by playing my specially designed prenatal and infant music that has the potential to help you change the way both you and your baby sound!

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