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Prenatal Music and Mom’s Choices

Prenatal Music Singing

Something new pops up everyday about the importance of prenatal music and how it shapes and forms the way a baby develops inside his or her pregnant mother’s womb.

The book, This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, by Daniel J. Levitin, has a chapter (8) in it about what goes on with the baby during pregnancy and how the music you play when you are pregnant impacts your baby. His book gets pretty technical, especially for non-musicians, but I want to quote just one phrase for your benefit.

Based on his awareness of various science studies on this topic, he says:

….”the seeds of musical preference
are sown in the womb.”

I could into more about this topic…in fact, I intend to cover it in every possible way I can for your sake, so that you will have the best information possible for you to make timely decisions about what kind of prenatal music you play while you are pregnant.

Based on the science studies I have read or read about, here is what I know to be true, and you can quote me on this:

I’ll say it again, and I repeat, you can quote me on this. I just ask that you tell people Joy Sikorski of SingBabySing® said this and then encourage them to come to this site so they too can get the valuable information they need.

You are the source of the most important prenatal music there is because the music of your voice determines how your baby will begin
to shape sounds, speak and sing.

That is why is so crucial that you get the help you need to make informed choices about the prenatal music you play and the prenatal music singing you do.

Find out more about what you can do to give your baby the best possible voice advantage in life by getting my FREE report, Baby Voice Advantage™ Secrets.

More to come soon!

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