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Prenatal Music and Beyond

A good friend of mine had a new baby recently.  He is adorable!

I saw a thread she wrote on Facebook about the best language building programs out there.

The thread was about Baby Einstein and video for babies before age two and that sort of thing.

Of course, I will be sending her my prenatal music and infant music CD for interactive voice and language development!

She’s one of the lucky ones because she will have access to this powerful music designed specifically and only with vocal and language development in mind.

That’s the great thing about prenatal music if you use it to its full advantage.  What you play and interact with yourself while your baby is in your womb is what they will quickly respond to when they are born and then interact with you more easily.  What could make for better baby bonding than that?  Your voices intertwined with joy and freedom!

That’s why I encourage pregnant women to release the beauty of their own voices by using the tools that I provide.  If you start using the SingBabySing calming interactive music when you are pregnant, your baby will remember it when they are born and it will help to calm them down and calm you down too!

Of course, the best program is one that allows a pregnant woman or a new mom (or even women that have several children already) to build their own vocal skills for the sakes of the vocal development of their little ones.

I am currently working on a Mom’s Voice Makeover course that will help all of you give you and your babies the best possible bonding experience when you are pregnant as well as the best possible vocal language development foundation when your babies are in your arms…and around your feet….and everywhere you can think of!

You have the power in you to change your world and to make it calm, filled with sounds from your voice that will help your baby to use his or her own voice to what I call the fullest Baby Voice Advantage.  You can get my FREE report by that title by clicking on that last link too!

Using expressly designed prenatal music and infant music for excellence in language development is a must so get started now.  It is never too soon!

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