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Prenatal Music All Through The Night?

baby sleeping all through the night

There’s an old Welsh lullaby that starts out with the words. “Sleep my child and peace attend thee, all through the night.

I have found that some pregnant women and women who have already had their babies tend to think that “more is better” when it comes to prenatal and infant music for their children.

But the truth is, “more is not better” in this instance.

After your baby is asleep, leave on the music for awhile, that’s ok, but don’t leave it on all night.  You can over-saturate her not to mention yourself and anyone else within listening distance.

There is research about this subject, but I want to give you the common sense approach.

What normally happens in Nature at night?  Pretty much everything rests, right?

Music is a stimulus.  It can soothe, it can stir up, it can do all sorts of things inside the brain to illicit certain responses.

Much has been written on this subject over the centuries, as far back as Plato and beyond, so I don’t want to get into all that.

Just trust me on this subject, for I know a great deal about it from years of study and experience.

Think of the music as though someone is talking to you.

They can be using a slow, steady, soothing tone or an animated or agitated tone of voice.  Either way, would you want to listen that voice (whether it soothes or agitates) all night long?

My guess is that your answer will be “no!”  Mine would be. I just want to sleep and tune out the entire world!

The point is, there is a point when silence is better than recorded sounds, and that time is at night, when the world is sleeping around you and maybe only the crickets are chirping, or a few owls hooting. Of course, in cities that “never sleep at night,” you will have all sorts of other sounds, but since I’m talking about your baby, and not the country or the city, I won’t digress further.

Your baby’s brain needs to rest just like your brain needs to rest, so use the music during the day at different times and for different responses, but let yourself, your baby, your husband, in short, your family, totally rest at night.

That way you will be more refreshed in the morning and ready for another day of challenges, joys, heartaches and all else that Life brings to each of us.  And you will be ready to do the beneficial training of your baby’s mind with my exclusive prenatal and infant music singing CD or keep yourself calm and empowered with my meditation music.

Above all, learn to flow with the rhythms and sounds of life within and around you.  Ultimately, that is what is best for your baby and then peace will truly attend her all through the night. And you too!

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