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For Pregnant Women and Moms!

Your voice contains the secret power to unleash prenatal and infant music for your baby’s music and language development and for calming yourself and your child so


“Start as early as 20 weeks into pregnancy or during infancy….the sooner the better.

Optimum time frame for your baby
is during pregnancy to
3 years of age!”

“Moms use the SingBabySing® CD or download to give their babies and children vocal & verbal success.”

Dear Parents and Future Parents,

Hi, I’m Joy Sikorski, and I am writing to you because what I do is find the best research available about the importance of prenatal and infant singing and music, then create resources for you to empower yourself and your little ones. What I have discovered in my quest to help as many mothers as I can is simple: your voice is the most powerful tool you have in your hands! The quality of it and how you use it directly impacts the atmosphere of your your home (in either positive or negative ways) and how your children will speak, sing and communicate!

It is my great hope that after you give me a few minutes of your time, you will be thrilled to find out how easy it is for you to put this powerful tool to work for your baby’s advantage in life so that you can experience the great joy and many health benefits that come from learning how to get the best and give the best from your voice.

The truth is, you don’t need to be a great singer to do this. You just need some simple guidance from someone who cares enough about you and your children to do the work that is necessary to help you. In other words, someone who puts her “money where their mouth is.”

“You don’t need any special talent to give your child the best vocal and verbal environment.”

So, let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in Culver City, California, but I raised my three children,
all grown now, in a log cabin in Alaska. No kidding!

I heated and cooked with wood, ground my own grains and made bread, had a big organic garden, fished for fresh Alaskan salmon, canned and froze much of our food for the year, home-schooled my children for a few years, and composed film scores and other music, did community volunteer service, appeared on television and radio programs, taught in the schools and at one time had over 60 private voice students, teaching them all from my little log cabin.

Whew! I suppose you might say I was a pioneer of sorts, and I still am.

You see, over the years, I have successfully mentored hundreds of people of all ages, helping them to unleash the power and beauty of their voices, even when they thought they were tone deaf. But I had this “itch.” Yes, a specific itch to help moms like you find ways to use their voices to calm the atmosphere around them and empower themselves, their children and other family members, all by knowing how to use the sounds of their voices.

Singing Well During Pregnancy And Infancy Produce Powerful Benefits That Come As No Coincidence!

Probably because I have been a musician most of my life (I began at age 4), I sang to my babies while I was pregnant and played all kinds of classical music long before any online research was available or there were prenatal music belts or the Mozart Effect®. I continued surrounding them with music and singing after they were born until they grew up and left home. All three of my wonderful adult children can sing well and two of them write their own music. They are great communicators and one has a degree in Communications. Another is a tremendous writer. I don’t think any of this was a coincidence and now scientific studies are finally backing up what I knew all along.

I intuitively understood the power of a mother’s voice to shape the communication skills of her baby and I knew about the many fantastic health benefits that singing delivers. And as my children grew, I noticed that the way I used my voice directly influenced the way they learned to communicate. If I allowed myself to get stressed out, my voice became strident, loud, in short, just plain ugly. When I allowed that to happen, they got tense and fussy, which negatively influenced their learning process. But if I was calm and my voice was gentle and melodious, they felt safe and relaxed, which made it easier for them to ask questions, communicate their ideas and absorb information.

As a voice teacher, I believed that learning should start as early as possible, so I tried to find research to back up my common sense understanding about the voice and its profound impact on children. There simply wasn’t anything available then, so I sort of shocked people at the time because I was willing and eager to teach children from age 4 on up (I started my own children during pregnancy). The parents in my community were simply fantastic and gave me the privilege of working with them and their children, building strong voices and strong self-confidence.

Dear Joy,

I cannot say enough about your CD. I thought I was just going to use it while I was pregnant, you know, for giving my new baby a musical awareness and that kind of thing. But what surprised me is how much I got from the music! It not only calmed me down when I was pregnant it calms me down now that my baby has been born. But even more than that, my voice has improved! And I couldn’t believe HOW EASY it was to do this. I’m a dancer, but I always wanted to sing better and your CD is helping me to do that. Oh, and something else you’ll want to know. I can tell that my daughter recognizes the music too. Now when I put the CD on and sing along with it, she coos and makes baby singing sounds too. I’m totally blown away by this.

Thanks so much for doing what you do to help pregnant woman and moms with our babies and voices!

Kadee Sweeney, Mom/Dancer/Fitness Model/Pilates Coach

      • Going on 30 Dancer
      • Starsky & Hutch Cheerleader
      • “Cedric the Entertainer Presents” TV series Dancer
    • Wilhemenia Model/Clear Talent Group

The itch I spoke about earlier started when I began thinking about what the value and benefits might be of singing better to your baby from pregnancy through preschool and beyond, so I kept searching for information about how your voice and keeping things calm affected not only your baby’s development, health and well-being, but your own as well. This, of course, can help your husband feel better too!

Still, I knew there had to be more that I could do for other moms and their children, so when I moved back to the Los Angeles area where I had grown up, I made it my primary goal to find more research. I was an information glutton, I admit it, but what I discovered was so fantastic that I simply had to start SingBabySing®!

Believe me, what I found made me realize that the health benefits of singing – just by themselves – are like one huge jewel hiding in the sand. I knew that if people could easily learn how to scoop out that one jewel alone we could change the world together! Why? Because when we change ourselves, we change how we raise our babies.

They are the future and everything is in our hands. Or, in this case, in our voices!

I Wanted to Help Every Mother I Could

Even though the information that was available when I first conceived SingBabySing® was mind-blowing, few people seemed to know about it. Teachers, pediatricians, nurses, baby experts, childcare educators, parents, online baby resource contributors, baby book authors, MOMs Club members. No one seemed to know about the research.

That’s why I was going buggers. The info blew me away. I had to do something more

And so, collaborating with Michael Silversher, a Grammy Award winning songwriter who is currently the composer on the hit childrens TV show, Dinosaur Train, I squeezed together science, music and ageless vocal techniques in ways that help young mothers and their babies in an exclusive prenatal and infant music singing CD.

Then my trek began: presentations in bookstores, childcare centers, private homes, county and statewide conferences, online or anywhere I could get the powerful message out that moms could improve their voices in simple ways with the CD to give dynamic benefits to their children and themselves.

Dear Joy,

Amazing! My baby is pretty fussy and almost always finds it hard to go to sleep at night. But when I play your CD, she settles right down and falls asleep really fast. This means that I can get some rest, and you know how important that is for my sanity!

I also wanted you to know that she is already learning to sing along with the CD….on pitch. Like I said, amazing!

I also bought a CD and gave it to my neighbor. She told me that her son, who is extremely active and has trouble staying quiet in the car, instantly calms down when she puts on your CD. She sounded so relieved.

Thanks so much for this wonderful music.

Marci Baun
Mom and Editor,
Wild Child Publishing & Freya’s Bower

So Many Mothers To Help!

Even with all of the meetings and presentations I was doing, I realized that if I spent most of my time driving here and there all over the place, I would never be able to help all the moms and babies who lived outside of California and wanted my help. So I made a tough decision. I decided to do everything entirely online. Everything.

Trust me, it has not been easy, but it has been worth it because now I can reach YOU no matter where you live! And that means that I will be fulfilling one of my great purposes in this world. To help you help yourself so that you can help your children develop powerful voices for communication through singing and language skills.

But it gets better!

So many moms, dads, grandparents, early childhood educators, homeschoolers and childcare providers have benefited from my work and resources that I decided to do something that people might call crazy, and that is to make this exclusive CD available to YOU for a WHOPPING 65% OFF!

I just couldn’t help myself because I want you to discover how easy it is for you to get started right away with your baby and your voice!

65% OFF….While Supplies Last!
SingBabySing® Prenatal and Infant Music Singing CD

Here are Some of the Reasons Why The SingBabySing® CD Works:

    • Uses simple rather than complex language sounds so your baby can more easily respond
    • Calms you down through repetitive heart beat rhythms
    • When you are calm your baby stays calmer
    • The music does not jump around from song to song so that it soothes rather than agitates
    • When you sing along with it, endorphins are released into your body
    • If you are pregnant, those endorphins are released to your baby too
    • That’s why your baby will calm down after she is born when you play the CD and singing along
    • You easily improve your own voice by using it
    • Your voice is THE MOST POWERFUL one your baby’s hears and she will imitate it
    • The music is so simple that your baby is naturally drawn to it
    • It’s fun and it’s easy to do
    • It’s a no-brainer for Daddy and other family members to join in
    • The words and sounds are exclusively designed for optimum voice and pre-language learning
  • Oh, so much more…

The benefits are so big and so many that I can scarcely contain myself. I KNOW you can start to give your baby your best with your voice by using my CD so take action now and grab it now before they are all gone.I am also confident that you will love it so much you will want to buy more for shower gifts for all your friends. The 65% discount applies to as many CDs as you would like to give away as gifts, but they are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis so be the one in your community to lead the way before they are all gone!

That’s about all I have to say for now. I am here to help you and your baby, and have dedicated the rest of my life for this purpose.

Thanks for your time and for being such an awesome mom or mom-to-be!

Dear Joy,

“What you did with our children and their voices was really magical.”

Trish Therrien, Mother and Director
Van Nuys Civic Child Development Center, Van Nuys, CA