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Sometimes it’s really hard to keep keepin’ on, but if I quit where will my knowledge go when I die?

And since goosebumps, chills, tears and laughter are now a regular part of every presentation I give, why would I want to give up those things? They’re what make my struggle worthwhile. They don’t happen when I seek only my own pleasure. They happen when I’m giving to others what I’m supposed to give.

When young mothers ask for my advice as they hold their precious little children near them, everything seems right in the world.

And today Trish Therrien, the director at the Van Nuys Civic Child Development Center told me that what happened with the children at the recent parents’ presentation night was “magical.”

So I keep moving forward, passing along the knowledge I have in hopes that I’ll leave something worthwhile behind me when I leave this weary old world.

Perhaps it’ll be the voices of my SingBabySing family that I’ll hear in heaven when I enter into that rest.


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