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Language Starts With Mommy

OK, I know this is a bold statement, but let me explain.

It is really very simple.

Now there is quite a bit of research about all of this, but the academic-speak can sometimes bog things down, so I am going to summarize 2 major parts of that information and why it is important for you to learn how to sing better to your baby.

  1. Your baby will imitate your voice
  2. In short, when you are pregnant, your baby will hear your voice around 16-25 weeks and the melody of your voice patterns and inflections begin to take shape inside her brain.  In other words, she is not only listening to your voice, she is “mind-mapping” your voice, almost like a little tape recorder inside her head.

    After she is born, she will remember these melodic patterns because they are becoming the foundation for her own speech and singing patterns. She is “hard wired” to imitate your voice.

    She will not sound exactly like you because no two voices in the world are ever the same, but she will imitate you without trying to.

    It’s just the way Nature made it.

    That is one of the BIGGEST reasons it is so important to improve the quality of your voice!

  3. The first few language sounds your baby will make are found in the word “Mommy”
  4. That in itself is pretty amazing!

    But why is it important?

    What it means is this: researchers have discovered that babies all over the world make pretty much the same sounds when they begin to use their voices, regardless of what language their mothers speak. And two of those sounds just happen to be in the word “Mommy.” (Again, amazing, don’t you think?)

    Those two sounds are “m” and “ah” (pronounced “aw”).

    So that is why I always start with “m” and “aw” sounds for training the voice!

    It really is that simple.

Now, here is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT secrets about improving your voice so that your baby will hear the best possible quality you can give her.

Exaggerate your vowels and link them together, using the consonants as “bridges.”

I will tell you more about that in another post.  Meanwhile, with your own voice, exaggerate the “m” and the “aw”  like this “mmaaaaw-mmeeee” and do the 2 voice activities below it.

Make it bigger and better several times a day until you truly feel the sound of your voice igniting your energy, your imagination and your joy!

Voice Activity 1 – The Silly Siren

Voice Activity 2 – Mommy

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