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It Starts at Home

Your child will sound like you sound to her as she grows up.

If you get tense emotionally (don’t blame PMS, your husband or your child) your voice will tighten up and probably get strident, which usually means UGLY!

She’s watching you and listening to you to see how you react to life.

She’ll do pretty much the same things you do so…

Do her a favor (not to mention yourself) and learn simple techniques to control how you sound to her:

  • Tune out what’s causing you to get upset
  • Focus on a point on the wall in front of you
  • Take a deep breath
  • Let it out slowly, like a slow leaky tire whose air is directed at the point on the wall
  • Do it again but smile this time
  • Do it until she smiles
  • Twirl around 3 times and laugh at yourself!
  • Play calming prenatal music

Go back to what you were doing and remember this blog!

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