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I’m Singing Through the Spoof

I’ve had to spend untold hours trying to solve a spoofing problem with my SingBabySing® email.

A number of unscrupulous people have been using my domain to send out emails that are not from me. Nasty business. Nasty people. Shame on the nasty people.

May all the time I’ve had to take in the past 2 days trying to resolve this problem (it gives my business a bad name) be multiplied a 100-fold back to me in increased contact with the people I love to work with, namely, moms, babies and early childhood educators!

And may the nasty people who can’t find anything better to do in their lives than to cheat others find a way to a better life….

May they learn to sing a better tune….

I’ll keep singing in spite of their nasty spoofs.


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