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Google “Sings To Baby”

Google Sings To Baby 38 Million Times!

sing to babyI did a Google search of the phrase that is in this title and discovered that the phrase “sing to baby” comes up at least 38,100,000  times.  Yes, you read that right, thirty-eight million one hundred thousand times!

That is a HUGE number in the search engines.  So why am I writing about this?

Because pregnant women and moms want to know what and how to sing to their babies.  And that is precisely why I am here, to show you not only why it is so important to sing to baby, but why it is fun too, even when you do not think you have a good voice.

Here is the short answer for starting when you are pregnant, but it also applies to you if you have already birthed your baby or babies.

  • Singing reduces stress in you and that lessens your baby’s stress too
  • Your baby’s first language lessons start in the womb – from YOUR VOICE
  • Singing lullabies to your baby with a calm voice will calm both you and your baby, even when you are pregnant, and a calm environment enhances development
  • Your voice establishes the first patterns of communication and bonding through what I call The Puccini Effect™
  • Sound stimulation from your voice causes your baby’s brain to function at a higher level of organization
  • Your baby moves in rhythm to the sound of your voice, which helps with motor development

If you follow the links in this post and read them, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities about why it is fun and important to sing to baby.

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  • Rodolfo May 17, 2017, 12:44 am

    My mother sang to me, I still remember some songs, and a lot of nostalgia, and today singing to my baby still in the womb of my wife, would sing for the children is very important at the beginning of life.

    • Joy Sikorski, M.A. May 22, 2017, 3:21 pm

      Hi Rodolfo,

      I am so happy to hear that you are singing to your baby in the womb of your wife.

      The world needs more fathers like you!

      There is so much I’d like to share with you about the importance of what you are doing, and also how crucial your wife’s voice is to your baby.

      For instance, she might enjoy my FREE Baby Voice Advantage Secrets Report. It gives a quick overview of how her voice impacts your baby’s development too.

      This site has a lot of resources for you to explore, so I’d love to stay in contact with you as you go through this wonderful experience of your new baby’s growth and development!

      Calm mommy. Calm baby. A better world. (Calm daddy too!)


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