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I sold my first SingBabySing® CD yesterday to a dear grandmother whose grandson has some learning challenges. I will be eager to see how the the Puccini Effect principles used in SingBabySing® Interactive Calming Music helps him, for I am confident that they shall.

Meanwhile, the storefront is still not operational because of technical difficulties, which is to say that the Yahoo consultant who is supposed to help me for 60 days for free has fled Houston because of Hurricane Rita. The tech support person who waited until the very last minute to leave town couldn’t help. The coding issues were too difficult for him. This makes me wonder what in the world I will do with all the coding needs…now and in the future.

Thank God for Marci.

Another grandmother told me today that her grandson is starting to mimic the sounds on the CD, particularly the high baby squeals and when I do the ‘scoopy siren’ sound.

I’m quite excited about the future and the potential for children and mothers to benefit from the hard work that went into making SingBabySing® possible.

This week will be great.


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