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Dreams Coming True?

I wouldn’t say that I really dreamed about creating a business.

I didn’t really think that what I learned about singing and babies over the years would develop into a business.

But I did dream in Alaska about reaching people in remote areas where they might not have access to a voice teacher for their children or themselves. I wanted to make it possible for anyone to have voice lessons, not just a chosen few.

And I am turning that into a reality.


But I never imagined how hard it would be to get to this point.

How can anyone foresee the lack of sleep, the money going out but not coming in, the countless hours of startup prep time, the delays, disappointments, computer crashes, criticisms, fears self-doubts, weariness and sacrifice of a personal life that all define the word ‘business?’

As I prepare to launch my online storefront in less than 2 weeks, finalizing website design, setting up merchant accounts, creating audio files, waiting for my merchandise to arrive and attending to asundry other stress-inducing deadline tasks, I figure that the knot in my belly is just part of the definition for doing business.

What a far cry from my log cabin in Alaska but thank God I’m here!

Joy in the morning

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