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Go Classical for Calming Prenatal and Baby Music

Ways to Calm Yourself with Singing

* Certain kinds of classical music – an absolute must!
* Soft, slow humming can work wonders
* Deep breathing games get more oxygen to the brain
* Guided imagery can help, particularly with visual learners

Calming Classical Music a Must!

There’s no question about it. Certain kinds of classical music can calm down your child (and you!) faster than just about anything else. The reason classical music works so well is that it uses certain highly refined mathematical patterns that have to do with neurophysiology and how the brain processes sound waves. These patterns have a physical effect that can actually slow down the body metabolism and heart rate so that the entire nervous system can take a breather. Of course, it helps to keep sugar and candy products out of the home too!

SingBabySing® recommends music found at the bottom of this page.

Mesmerize ‘Em with Soft Slow Humming

This doesn’t take much effort and can become part of your daily routine or can be used whenever you feel like things are getting out of hand. Make it a game. Start with a soft, low siren sound on the “m” consonant, keeping your mouth closed and making the sound go up and down slowly. Tell them that the game is to see how soft they can hum without opening their mouths. Do it with them. Then make exaggerated funny faces while you’re all humming. Move your lips, cheeks, eyes and jaw, but keep humming softly and slowly with your mouth closed. Get them to play with you. You control the speed, not them. They need to follow you at first so they can also learn that it’s a privilege to lead. When their attention wanes, lie down on your back and get them to join you there while you hum and look up at the ceiling. Then look from the ceiling to them and back and forth several times, still humming. When they begin to lose interest, get up and tiptoe around the house, using hand signals beckoning them to join you. But keep humming the slow siren sound with your mouth closed. Move freely up and down stairways, under tables, in and out of closets or any place at all. Pretty soon you’ll all want to hum a real tune, so pick one that’s gentle and sing it softly with them, perhaps joining hands and moving in a circle. Remember…it’s a mesmerizing game. After this activity becomes familiar to them, let them take turns being the leader.

When in Doubt, Breathe!

Here are 2 breathing games designed and developed by SingBabySing® to get more oxygen into the body, which will help relax you and your children. Oxygen is the body’s most important brain food, and studies show that increased oxygen helps memory performance, while decreased oxygen can literally destroy its cells! Again, do these with your children and have them follow along:

* Slow leaky tire – pick out a point in front of you and tell them to do it too. It can be a point on the wall, a picture or a light switch, something simple. Then take a deep breath from way down deep inside your belly and purse your lips “like a fish” as you slowly send the air out in a steady stream between your top two front teeth. It should make a slow “hissing” sound, sort of like a soft “s.” The game is to see how long it takes you to let all the air out. If you have a stop watch or clock with a second hand, you can time each other, jotting down the amounts on a paper. This isn’t a game of competition with one another. Rather, the idea is to compete with yourself, increasing your time by at least 1 second or more with each turn.

* Dog Pant – take a deep breath, loosely open your mouth and let your tongue and lower jaw completely relax, like a dog that’s been running for a long time. Get your children to do it too. Now pant like that dog would pant, using your diaphragm (big muscle just below the rib cage) and belly muscles. You can even put your “paws” in the air as you pant. Try to pant for longer than you think you can. Then do it again. And again. Don’t stop until you feel a wee bit dizzy. That’s a good thing. It means you’re getting extra oxygen to your brain. So now lie down, roll over and play dead!

Imagine A World of Soft Colors and Gentle Sounds

Now you will make up a story with your children. Have them all lie down on their backs with their eyes closed. Make sure they have their legs uncrossed and their arms laying at their sides with their palms up. Get them to breath slowly and deeply several times, relaxing every muscle in their faces, arms, legs, belly and feet. Then start painting a picture in their minds, perhaps of a deep green forest full of poppies or ferns and pines. Or maybe a mountain stream with a field of wild daisies and an azure blue sky with big fuzzy white clouds lazily drifting by. Or perhaps you’d like to take an imagination journey to the ocean where the sand is warm and soft beneath you. It’s all up to you. Feel the freedom to dream, imagine, create. Lead your children down a beautiful peaceful path in their minds. Stay as long as you can in that peaceful place with them and enjoy the quiet moments of rest.

Most of All, Enjoy Them. They Grow Up Fast and are Soon Gone

SingBabySing® Calming Music Recommendations

Andrés Segovia “The Art of Segovia” – 41 guitar pieces
Chill With Chopin “Chill with Chopin” – 14 pieces by various artists
Heavenly Adagios “Heavenly Adagios” by various artists
Adagio for Strings and Organ in G Minor “Adagio” – orchestral selections performed by Berliner Philharmoniker
Préludes deuxième livre: 1. Modere (…brouillards) “Debussy Préludes” performed by Michel Beroff
Pachelbel Canon “Pachelbel Canon” with English Chamber Orchestra

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