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Breathing Like A Tire

A Slow Leaky Tire

What does a tire, a leaky one at that, have to do with breathing and singing?

  • First of all, everything depends on how you breathe, how you control your breathing and how you use your breathing muscles (diaphragm, intercostals, abdominals)
  • This is not only crucial for good singing, but it will be extremely important when you deliver your baby, when you will need all the muscle power you can get during the delivery process and afterwards
  • Breathing exercises for singing can give you better health and increase your energy levels
  • Learning how to fully focus on your breath as you let it out in small amounts increases your ability to focus on other things (like birthing a baby, for instance, which is no biggy, right?  Ha!)
  • And so much more!

So here is something you can do to improve the power of your breath and produce better health and better singing.

  1. Take several deep breath to clear out your lungs and focus your mind
  2. Then start slowly letting out a steady but small stream of air. Think of a tire leaking air
  3. Pick out a point in front of that is level with your eyes and use it as a focus point
  4. Inhale deeply and fill your lungs with air, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed
  5. Don’t breathe in and then hold your breath. Just breathe in deeply and as you slowly exhale, purse your lips (like you’re making ‘fish lips’) and release the breath slowly, sending it “through” your upper two front teeth. You should hear a ‘hissing’ sound, like the air slowly leaking out of a tire
  6. Let your breath ‘leak’ out slowly for as long as possible, still making the hissing sound
  7. Keep your cheeks lifted high, as though you are smiling because you have a wonderful secret that you cannot tell to anyone
  8. Your posture is important while doing this breathing exercise (even lying down, so align your spine). Make sure your chest and shoulders don’t heave up and down and that you don’t collapse forward or bend over
  9. You might get a little light-headed when you first start doing this, so take it easy to begin with
  10. Remember to listen to your breath as you release it and pay attention to how your lungs collapse as your diaphragm collapses too
  11. Time yourself with a second-hand watch and try to increase how long you can make your exhale last each time
  12. Repeat this at different times during the day and especially when you need to calm down

I guarantee you that if you do this even 2 times per day, you will begin to notice a feeling of better health.

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