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Blow Off the Roof & Keep Singing Baby!

Here’s a story that needs to be told.

To my utter surprise, a Yahoo tech person in Houston answered the phone today when I called for help to get my storefront operational.

Now, you might say, “So what?”

Ah-ha. Here’s the amazing part.

She never left the city when thousands were evacuating and getting stuck on the roads.


She stayed home in an old farmhouse she’s lived in for many years.

Uh-huh (yawn).

She’s weathered at least 2 other hurricanes successfully and wasn’t about to leave the city for Rita.

Yeah, yeah, come on.

We chatted cheerily for a short time and then I asked her how it was to be in Houston when Rita hit.

She casually mentioned that her roof had blown off and then immediately wanted to get back to helping me with my tech questions.



But what’s the point?

Hey! She’s the kind of person that makes this country great and her story should be on every news cast in every city across this country!

It’s the perfect example of the kind of integrity and grit we need.

I didn’t get my storefront operational because the Yahoo engineers were working their kabooties off to solve other problems caused by the hurricane.

But I did get the roof blown off of whatever might keep me from boosting my own operational grit.

Which is to say that I’m going to keep singing baby.

Which is to say that I’ll rise above this present storefront tech storm.

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