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Best Prenatal Music is Mom’s Voice

The Most Natural Source Of All Prenatal Music

A lot is written about prenatal music and infant music and you can find just about anything you can imagine about what is best for your baby’s development.

The hype-mongers and marketing-hawkers know how to sell you just about anything and it gets really crazy out there in the market place.  Not only crazy but hard to Mom's Voice is the Best Prenatal Musicmake a decision about what you should do that is best for your baby, for bonding with your baby, for helping your baby with language development or just development in general.

However, I want to talk to you about the most simple free tool you have that is already inside of you.  Your voice!

Yes, I am talking about your speaking voice, your singing voice, the voice you use to communicate to the rest of the world.

Prenatal music research shows that your voice is a natural tool that doesn’t cost you anything to use.  You can’t buy it and you can’t replace it if you damage it.

But if you learn to use it to its fullest power, combining easy time-tested vocal activities and common sense, you will be giving your baby the best prenatal (and infant) music you can possibly give!  Actually, you will be giving your baby the best bonding experience too!  Not to mention the best language development tool!  Wow, all of this is a simple ol’ voice?  Yes.

I can already hear you saying, “But I don’t like my voice. What happens to my baby then?”

I will get to that in a moment, but first, remember that…..

Mother Nature Knows What She’s Doing

When you think about it, you will see how beautiful the natural design is for your baby’s verbal language development.  Inside your womb, your developing baby begins hearing all sorts of sounds around 18-22 weeks.  In fact, his or her ears are the first organs to develop!  Wow, think about that for a moment.  Why would your baby’s ears develop first?

It’s so simple that we often overlook it.  We are like that as humans, are we not?  We tend to overlook the obvious and make things more complicated than they really need to be.  But never mind all that, let’s get on with what you can do to give your baby the best prenatal music experience possible.

Here’s the answer:  your baby is listening to clues and cues about the world and how to communicate in it.  And your voice, your mom voice is the one big sound that your baby is going to pay the most attention to in order for her little developing brain to figure out how this language thing happens.

In other words, your deepest baby bonding experience, the one that will most help her with language development (and singing), come from using your own voice.

Now, I’ve heard people tell me that they hate their voices or they are embarrassed by them or extremely shy about them.  I understand that because I have been a master vocal trainer for many many years and I know that fear is the biggest cheater of all when it comes to people’s voices.

In fact, fear is the biggest reason that people sing off pitch, the biggest reason they swallow their words or shout and yell to be heard or to get their point across.   Fear cheats them of successfully using the easiest and most powerful tool they have to communicate with their baby, using the sounds of their own voice to make the best womb music, the best prenatal music, the best infant music in the world!

And fear is one of the reasons pregnant women and moms do not realize the power that they already have inside of them for creating calm around themselves and to bond with their babies and positively impact verbal language development before and after birth.

We all fear making a mistake or making a fool of ourselves, right?

If we do not get over these two fears, then what happens to our babies?  They learn the same fears, do they not?

Okay, so what does this have to do with prenatal music and baby bonding and verbal language development?


Your baby is going to imitate your voice.  It’s not a choice she makes or you make, it’s a simple fact of Mother Nature.

The way we all learn verbal or vocal language skills (speaking and singing) comes from our mothers.

You heard your mom’s voice while you were in her womb.  I did too.  And my three children (all successfully grown and launched in life) did too.

I picked up my language development skills from my mother.

You picked up your vocal language skills from your mother.

We all imitated the sounds of our moms’ voices.  And your baby will do the same.

That’s why it is so incredibly wonderful that you can do something about your voice.  You can easily learn to improve it and make it better and better for the sake of deeply bonding with your baby and setting an amazing example for her to imitate.

How Is This Possible?

It’s easier than you might think.

The best way I recommend getting started is by reading my FREE ebook, Baby Voice Advantage Secrets and exploring more of this website.

I am continuing to bring the best possible prenatal music tools for you to empower your mom’s voice for the sake of your baby’s voice so keep coming back often.

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I’m going to be writing more about how you can change the way you think about your voice too so come on back soon!




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