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What People Are Saying About SingBabySing®

“It calms me down when the day’s going pretty ugly.”

More words from SingBabySing® users

“The first time I put it on, he relaxed right away and I was able to get some sleep.” – Melody

“I have to tell you that our granddaughter is SO loving your CD. It’s better than Baby Einstein.” – Grandpa Abner

“He loves it… sometimes I listen to it by myself because it helps me relax.” – Grandpa Rick

The babies & I have REALLY enjoyed your CD’s…so has my daughter. She loves to sing & thinks the cd’s are ‘cool’!” – Jade (mom & childcare provider)

“My daughter is energetic and fights going to sleep. When we play your calming music, she relaxes and falls asleep. After we listened the 2nd time, she said ‘baby’ and ‘daddy.’    She was only 6 months old!” – Marci

“I listen to your CD almost daily for myself. It is so calming for me.”  – Grandma Marsha (also a childcare provider)

“I started playing SingBabySing® for my grandson a few months ago and now he sings ‘happy baby, happy mommy, happy daddy’ all the time. What a joy! I wish that I’d had it for my babies. Thanks so much.” – Arlene

sing baby

“My 14 mo. old grandson cooed and giggled when I played your CD. By the 2nd track we were so relaxed that we both fell asleep…this is good music for younguns!” – Diane

“It works, it works, it simply works! I can’t say it enough!” -Lynn

“He loves the CD. We listen in the car and it has helped keep more car rides peaceful. When I play the first track he is quiet and ‘sings’ along. I play the second track when I want him to nap in the car and it usually works to help him get to sleep quickly and peacefully.” -Maggie

“Even I fell asleep and I wasn’t the mom or the grandmother!” – Grandma Dolly

“If only I had known about the Puccini Effect® when I was raising my children. I know that their language skills would be even more excellent than they are now. And I have an attorney for a daughter!” – Ellen

“My grandson throws out all of his other toys and listens with rapt attention.” – Grandma D

“When we listen consistently to your interactive CD, my daughter coos and talks much more. Even if it’s just once a day she will squeal and laugh. It definitely calms her, and more importantly it calms me! 🙂 – Gail

“We LOVED your CD. Jillian loves to turn it on and listen to it…I think you’ve got a hit!
– Daddy Lorne

“Since we started playing the SingBabySing® CD, she’s been mimicking our words and sounds. Then she surprised her daddy and said ‘monkey’ the other night and has followed up with other words. Thank you so much for making this available to me.” – Helen

“I could hardly believe it. She’s 14 months old and she’s starting to sing the first few words of the the song. Amazing! – Joyce