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Joy Sikorski

Hi, I’m Joy Sikorski (M.A.), and my inspiration for SingBabySing® and the Puccini Effect™ came from Alaska, where I birthed and raised my three children in a log cabin I helped to build. Because I grew up and studied music in Los Angeles, you can imagine how incredible it was to be a mommy in the wilderness. But in that cozy little nook, I home-schooled my kids, chopped wood, shoveled snow, fished for wild salmon, cooked on a wood stove, grew a garden, survived volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches and unbelievable sub-zero weather in the northern climate darkness.

As a mom, I noticed that the way I used my voice directly influenced the way my children learned to communicate. If I was uptight and my voice became strident, they got tense and fussy, which negatively influenced their learning process. If I was calm and my voice was gentle and melodious, they felt safe and relaxed, which made it easier for them to ask questions, communicate their ideas and absorb data.
See Speech and Singing = The Same Voice.

That may seem like a no-brainer, but the other thing I realized was that very few people – parents and educators alike – ever have access to quality voice training for their children, whether they live in the city, the country or the wilderness. So I determined to do something about it. I formed SingBabySing®, a company that creates cutting-edge music products uniquely designed to calm and soothe while training little ears for singing, the musical root of all language skills.

I am an award-winning film composer, published author, performer and educator with public relations experience, also known for my Impropera method of creating music and for co-writing the music and lyrics for Gathering Blue the musical, which had a successful world premiere that Lois Lowry attended.

In addition to performance, speaking and workshop engagements, three of my current projects include illustrated children’s bookd in collaboration with Pixar artist, Rona Liu, a book about my experiences in Alaska and the Tamar and Judah Trilogy.