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The Birth of SingBabySing®

Like Birthing A Baby

Oh yes, for the past several years, I have experienced birthing pangs that never seemed to end. SingBabySing® has been a long slow delivery but a powerful one that has been worth every bit of the morning sickness, grumpiness, feeling like a cow and painful contractions!

It started when I began realizing the value and benefits of singing better to your baby when you are pregnant and after you have given birth, then all the way through your child’s life, but especially from conception through preschool.

I intuitively understood the power of a mother’s voice to shape the communication skills of her baby and I knew about the many fantastic health benefits that singing delivers. So, having successfully mentored many people into personal vocal power, I began searching for scientific evidence about how a mother’s voice and keeping things calm affected not only her baby’s development, health and well-being, but her own.

And believe me, what I found made me realize that the health benefits of singing – just by themselves – are like one huge jewel hiding in the sand. I knew that if people could easily learn how to scoop out that one jewel alone we could change the world together! Why? Because our babies are the future and everything is in our hands.

Or, in this case, in our voices!

There was a bunch of info back when I first conceived SingBabySing®, but few people seemed to know about it. Teachers, baby experts, childcare educators, parents, online baby resource contributors, baby book authors, MOMs Club members, pediatricians, nurses. No one seemed to know about the research, much less care about it. I mean, after all, it’s just singing, right?

That’s why I was going buggers.

The info blew me away. I had to do something. And I did.

Collaborating on my first product with Michael Silversher, a Grammy Award winning songwriter, science, music and ageless vocal techniques all got squeezed together in ways that help young mothers and their babies in a fun and easy way. I will always be grateful to Michael for what emerged as the beginning SingBabySing® CD.

Then the trek began: presentations in bookstores, childcare centers, private homes, statewide conferences, online or anywhere I could help people.

Much has happened over this long “birthing” project, but now SingBabySing® the “Puccini Effect™” and the rest of what I do is becoming history….

Now I welcome you to the exciting journey of discovering how to create calm by making over your voice and feeling oh-so-much better about yourself and your babies!