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Hi, I’m Joy Sikorski and, of all places. my inspiration for SingBabySing® and Tune Into Baby™ started in Alaska.

Although I had studied music in Los Angeles and had been dubbed a piano “child prodigy” by the Los Angeles Times then later went on to study voice and music composition, the Land of the Midnight Sun is where I birthed and raised my three children in a log cabin I helped to build.

In that cozy little nook, I composed music, wrote film scores and incidental music, taught music, home-schooled my kids, chopped wood, shoveled snow, fished for wild salmon, cooked on a wood stove, grew a garden, survived volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches and unbelievable sub-zero weather in the northern climate darkness.

As a mom, I noticed that my voice directly influenced the way my children learned to communicate. If I was too stressed and my voice became strident, they got tense and fussy, which negatively influenced their learning process. If I was calm and my voice was gentle and melodious, they felt safe and relaxed, which made it easier for them to ask questions, communicate their ideas and absorb data.

Eventually, I moved out of Alaska and returned to Los Angeles, where I studied as much research as I could find about the impact of a mother’s voice on her children from the time of pregnancy onward. Surprisingly, I discovered that best selling baby and parenting books did not mention much, if anything, about the influence of the mother’s voice on language development.

Seriously? Such an important topic and no mention, or, at best a short shrift acknowledgment? Especially when there is a great deal of research about the subject?

Prenatal/Infant Music Research page.

I decided then and there to do something about it. The stakes were too high and the science too important to ignore. I determined to give parents, educators, and childcare providers a bridge between academia and the hands on, everyday world of shaping children’s voices.

I formed SingBabySing® and started to spread the word, working closely with mothers and others who care for children by creating cutting-edge music products uniquely designed to calm and soothe while training little ears for vocal and verbal skills, the musical root of all language skills. And I wrote a book, Your Voice Your Child, because I believe that mothers and others deserve to know how fun and easy it can be to give their children what a call a Baby Voice Advantage™.

Later I became a nana, a grandmother and began “Tune Into Baby™” classes. These classes provide mothers with tools to confidently tune into their babies’ vocal cues and communicate back in ways that strengthen natural maternal instincts and spark a more calming, harmonious, and fun learning environment.