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Womb Singing Now!

prenatal and infant music pregnant womanI can hardly keep myself contained today.

Here’s why.

I’ve been slowly but surely creating content and products to help you learn how to sing better to your baby in the womb and after they are born.

I’ve been saying this for years.

Posting research about it.

Teaching moms groups about it.

Writing articles and creating a FREE report called Baby Voice Advantage Secrets™.

A new article from the London Evening Standard that came out on March 21st about what is being done in a hospital in London with “womb song” workshops gets me more determined than ever to find ways to help you right here, right now, in your home, right where you are!

The gist of the article is this:

To boost language development, pregnant moms are being taught to sing to their babies with prenatal music singing

That’s all I can say right now because I have to run now and help other moms with their voices.

But you can get started right now with Baby Voice Advantage Secrets™ or check out my other articles about this important subject.

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