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Prenatal music singing & your baby

Hard to believe it has been so long since last I posted.  WAY too long, in fact.

But that is because I have had to divide my time between Singing Mastermind™

and SingBabySing®, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

I finished an affordable online singing course there and wrote a book “Singing Through Life With Your Mouth Closed,” but now I need to start getting back to my moms and pregnant women who are at the heart of my passion for creating calming prenatal singing music that is designed to give your baby a solid foundation for her vocal skills in life.

Thanks for all your patience. I will be posting more often now.

Meanwhile, be sure to get my free e-book, “Baby Voice Advantage Secrets” that tells you about the singing-language connection and your baby.

And then sign up for my “Moms’ Voice Makeover” course so that you will know when it is ready for you to give your baby the best that you can with your own voice instead of someone else’s.

This stuff is powerful!

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