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pregnant belly prenatal musicIf ever there was a time when prenatal music and infant music singing was a MUST, it is now!


Research shows that the powerful sound of your voice as a pregnant mom or a mom who has already birthed her child/children is one of the most important influences on how your child will sound later in life and how he or she will learn language skills.

This has to do with what I call the Puccini Effect, which basically has to do with the sounds or music that a baby makes with his or her voice.

The foundation of all language skills comes from listening.

And the voice that a baby listens to first and listens to the most is the mom’s voice, your voice.

My passion is to help you improve the sound of your voice so that you will be able to provide the best possible example for your child.

That is why I am working to provide videos for your FREE Mom’s Voice Makeover™.

When you do this, you will be helping to unlock the secrets that give your child what I call the Baby Voice Advantage™.

With that Free report, you can learn more about what you can do to enhance prenatal music and infant music with your voice, all for the sake of your baby’s language and singing development skills.

It’s true!

Science is telling us more and more these days about the influence of a mom’s voice on the way her child learns to speak and sing.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a master voice trainer who put 2 and 2 together several years ago when I began looking at the research and what my natural instincts told me about voice and vocal skills.

It was a no-brainer for me. “Of course a baby hears the mom’s voice the most and of course a baby will imitate the sound his or her mom’s voice!” I almost shouted, and then realized that the quality of the sound of the mom’s voice will make a difference too.

So I began to figure out how to take the powerful vocal skills that I have been teaching for years and break down the time-tested concepts to a level that could be grasped by an infant or even a baby in in the womb.

But the thing I realized was that everything depended on the mom’s interaction and participation.

And then I knew that if you, the mom, understood the importance of the quality of the sound of your voice on your child’s future, you could begin to do something about that quality while you were still pregnant.

So I coined the phrase “Puccini Effect” and began working on creating and producing enhanced prenatal and infant music for you, the mom, to start improving the sound of your voice right away!

Now I encourage you to get my free report, Baby Voice Advantage Secrets, so that you can learn even more about what you can with prenatal music or infant music to empower your child’s important voice development.



You hold the power to unlock your baby’s voice!

That power is in your voice and you will either use it to its fullest beautiful potential for the sake of your child or you will stay with the same old same old sound.

I know because I once had a same old same old sound myself.

But I was fortunate enough to change the way I sounded before I had children.

I had the privilege of vocal lessons that completely changed the way I sound and the way I use my voice, and because my children are grown, I want to pass my knowledge on to you.

That’s why I’ve written my FREE report called Baby Voice Advantage™ Secrets!

Inside the report I reveal the secrets about the Baby Voice Advantage™ and how you can easily start giving your baby a better chance in life by changing the way you sound now so he or she can sound better later.

It’s all about enhanced prenatal music and infant music designed for voice training.

Get My FREE Report Now!


Ways to Calm Yourself with Singing

* Certain kinds of classical music – an absolute must!
* Soft, slow humming can work wonders
* Deep breathing games get more oxygen to the brain
* Guided imagery can help, particularly with visual learners

Calming Classical Music a Must!

There’s no question about it. Certain kinds of classical music can calm down your child (and you!) faster than just about anything else. The reason classical music works so well is that it uses certain highly refined mathematical patterns that have to do with neurophysiology and how the brain processes sound waves. These patterns have a physical effect that can actually slow down the body metabolism and heart rate so that the entire nervous system can take a breather. Of course, it helps to keep sugar and candy products out of the home too!

SingBabySing® recommends music found at the bottom of this page.

Mesmerize ‘Em with Soft Slow Humming

This doesn’t take much effort and can become part of your daily routine or can be used whenever you feel like things are getting out of hand. Make it a game. Start with a soft, low siren sound on the “m” consonant, keeping your mouth closed and making the sound go up and down slowly. Tell them that the game is to see how soft they can hum without opening their mouths. Do it with them. Then make exaggerated funny faces while you’re all humming. Move your lips, cheeks, eyes and jaw, but keep humming softly and slowly with your mouth closed. Get them to play with you. You control the speed, not them. They need to follow you at first so they can also learn that it’s a privilege to lead. When their attention wanes, lie down on your back and get them to join you there while you hum and look up at the ceiling. Then look from the ceiling to them and back and forth several times, still humming. When they begin to lose interest, get up and tiptoe around the house, using hand signals beckoning them to join you. But keep humming the slow siren sound with your mouth closed. Move freely up and down stairways, under tables, in and out of closets or any place at all. Pretty soon you’ll all want to hum a real tune, so pick one that’s gentle and sing it softly with them, perhaps joining hands and moving in a circle. Remember…it’s a mesmerizing game. After this activity becomes familiar to them, let them take turns being the leader.

When in Doubt, Breathe!

Here are 2 breathing games designed and developed by SingBabySing® to get more oxygen into the body, which will help relax you and your children. Oxygen is the body’s most important brain food, and studies show that increased oxygen helps memory performance, while decreased oxygen can literally destroy its cells! Again, do these with your children and have them follow along:

* Slow leaky tire – pick out a point in front of you and tell them to do it too. It can be a point on the wall, a picture or a light switch, something simple. Then take a deep breath from way down deep inside your belly and purse your lips “like a fish” as you slowly send the air out in a steady stream between your top two front teeth. It should make a slow “hissing” sound, sort of like a soft “s.” The game is to see how long it takes you to let all the air out. If you have a stop watch or clock with a second hand, you can time each other, jotting down the amounts on a paper. This isn’t a game of competition with one another. Rather, the idea is to compete with yourself, increasing your time by at least 1 second or more with each turn.

* Dog Pant – take a deep breath, loosely open your mouth and let your tongue and lower jaw completely relax, like a dog that’s been running for a long time. Get your children to do it too. Now pant like that dog would pant, using your diaphragm (big muscle just below the rib cage) and belly muscles. You can even put your “paws” in the air as you pant. Try to pant for longer than you think you can. Then do it again. And again. Don’t stop until you feel a wee bit dizzy. That’s a good thing. It means you’re getting extra oxygen to your brain. So now lie down, roll over and play dead!

Imagine A World of Soft Colors and Gentle Sounds

Now you will make up a story with your children. Have them all lie down on their backs with their eyes closed. Make sure they have their legs uncrossed and their arms laying at their sides with their palms up. Get them to breath slowly and deeply several times, relaxing every muscle in their faces, arms, legs, belly and feet. Then start painting a picture in their minds, perhaps of a deep green forest full of poppies or ferns and pines. Or maybe a mountain stream with a field of wild daisies and an azure blue sky with big fuzzy white clouds lazily drifting by. Or perhaps you’d like to take an imagination journey to the ocean where the sand is warm and soft beneath you. It’s all up to you. Feel the freedom to dream, imagine, create. Lead your children down a beautiful peaceful path in their minds. Stay as long as you can in that peaceful place with them and enjoy the quiet moments of rest.

Most of All, Enjoy Them. They Grow Up Fast and are Soon Gone

SingBabySing® Calming Music Recommendations

Andrés Segovia “The Art of Segovia” – 41 guitar pieces
Chill With Chopin “Chill with Chopin” – 14 pieces by various artists
Heavenly Adagios “Heavenly Adagios” by various artists
Adagio for Strings and Organ in G Minor “Adagio” – orchestral selections performed by Berliner Philharmoniker
Préludes deuxième livre: 1. Modere (…brouillards) “Debussy Préludes” performed by Michel Beroff
Pachelbel Canon “Pachelbel Canon” with English Chamber Orchestra

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With every day I realize more and more that I need to create as many articles as I can about prenatal music singing and why it is so incredibly important.

Here are some of the reasons why your voice is so crucial for giving your baby enhanced prenatal music with what I call the Your Baby’s Voice Advantage™.

pregnant momThese particular reasons are based on an article written in December of 2010 about research done at the University of Montreal and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre.

Using electrodes to evaluate what happens with a newborn within 24 hours after birth when women speak to her (or him), the researchers discovered that female voices other than her mother’s voice stimulate only the voice recognition parts of her brain, but that….

….her mother’s voice activates the language development parts of her brain!

Wow! This is fantastic and begins to prove what I have been saying for years, which is this:


Now, think about how you speak and sing and how you sound.

Do you want your child to sound like you?

Maybe, maybe not.

You may have a fabulous natural voice or had all kinds of voice training to improve the sound of your voice.

If that’s you, you are lucky and you are rare.  But it doesn’t meant that you should not improve your voice!

Let me tell you a story about my own voice to demonstrate what I mean.

I have a family that came out of poverty.

At one time, my sisters, my mom and I had to forage through garbage cans on a regular basis to find food and other household items.

I can remember going out super early in the morning with my sisters on trash day in our city.

I was a young teen so was totally up for making this fun instead of depressing.

But when I saw how other people lived, it was extremely embarrassing for me.  I never wanted to talk about my family because I felt ashamed that we had to eat from garbage cans and had to get our clothes from the Salvation Army.  This was before it was considered cool to get clothes from a thrift shop.  When I was very young, it was something you wanted to keep secret from people.

My mom was a great person in spite of her hardships and she taught us to laugh at our circumstances and not feel sorry for ourselves.

It worked to a point.

As I grew into my older teen years, I wanted something better for myself.  I wanted to do something that would improve my life.

I decided to work my way through college, which I did, and since my mother had scrimped, scrapped and save to give piano lessons to my sister and I before our deadbeat dad left us in poverty, I majored in singing, got a B.A. and then a voice scholarship for graduate voice studies at the University of Southern California.  Later, I went on to earn a Master’s Degree.

You see, I had a pretty good natural voice, but without the training that I received, it would never have gotten any better than it was at first.

The knowledge and experience I gained from this education changed my life because it built up my confidence levels, and more importantly, it changed the way I used my voice, which in turn, changed my life.

Our families, and especially our mothers directly impact the way we speak and sing.  It’s always been true even though research has only recently begun to prove it.

But for me it has always been common sense:

“If you are surrounded by a certain type of voice, one that is raised in poverty or violence, for instance, or one that reflects a great home life with plenty of love and financial security but still surrounds you with plain old mediocre speech patterns with less than excellent grammar and tone quality, chances are you will grow up sounding the same way and people will perceive you a certain way because of these voice patterns.”

I know, it’s not right that it should be that way, that people might judge you by how you sound and communicate, but it is simply the reality.

Because of this reality and because science tells us that child imitates what she hears, I decided that I wanted to do something to share my vocal knowledge by utilizing prenatal and infant/toddler music voice training with pregnant women and mothers.  I wanted them to have a tool for giving their children – a baby in the womb, an infant or a toddler – music that focuses on improving voice quality.

And that became the major reason I created my exclusive SingBabySing® CD in collaboration with Michael Silversher. It’s for pregnant women, mothers, fathers, grandparents, early childhood educators, childcare providers, nurses and anyone else who works with babies and toddlers.

Now, back to my story.

In my case, the language skills of my family were not particularly well-developed.  They were average, mediocre, but definitely not something that would help to create a beautiful sounding speaking voice.

What happened to me is simple.  I spoke like my family before I took voice lessons.  After I began my vocal studies, particularly because of classes for diction in singing that I took, I completely changed the way I sound.

I didn’t do this intentionally, it just happened because train the vocal cords and your body and mind to do certain wonderful things that improve the quality of your voice.

From the time I finished my voice training until now, people who meet me the first time often think from the way I sound that I am from some place other than Los Angeles, and they usually guess England.  I love it!

So here’s my point.  How my mother sounded is how I sounded.  She was a wonderful person, as I said, and I loved her dearly (she is no longer alive), but her grammar was not so good and her tone quality was not something that held your attention in a positive way.  That did not make her any less of a person, but I cannot help but wonder if she might have been better able to rise to her highest potential if her speaking skills had been better. I think she would have because she was always trying to improve herself.

That is another reason I want to give you FREE access to the Baby Voice Advantage™ Secrets so that you can begin to understand the importance of your voice and start to enhance the way you sound because, like it or not, you are the primary example of how your child will most likely sound.

And it’s really no secret that how you communicate impacts the way people respond to you.

So, if you don’t really care about how your child will grow up sounding, then do nothing about your voice.  Just be happy loving your baby as you should and will.

However, if your love for your baby compels you to find the best possible ways to improve your own voice for the sake of her language development, then get started now so that you can give her the best possible voice for her future.

I have the knowledge and skills to help you, so take advantage of my Your Baby’s Voice Advantage™Secrets FREE report!


Prenatal Music for Gifts

I love it when someone gives me a gift.  For instance, I hosted our family Thanksgiving dinner and post-Thanksgiving breakfast.

We had turkey and all the trimmings for the big day and sourdough blueberry pancakes – mmmm….yummy – for the breakfast.  I also made a huge batch of chili and homemade corn bread for 8 people for the Thanksgiving Eve dinner.

We had a fantastic time and everyone contributed to food and fun and all the love that family gives.

Because they are such nice people and wanted to express their appreciation for the work I did to host the family gathering, my cousin’s wife gave me a beautiful candle from the mountain community where they spend 50% of their time and my other cousin gave me a wonderful pine cone candle.

Like I said, I LOVE GIFTS! I love giving them and and I love getting them. Who wouldn’t?

There’s something extra special when the gift someone gives me reflects what they know about me.

Like my cousins. They know I love to light candles. In fact, one morning when I was working on my current book, I lit 19 candles around 4am when I woke up, and I enjoyed their cheery light until the sun began to come up and I turned the lights on.

It was awesome and maybe someday you will read my book….after I publish it!

Back to gifts.65% off singbabysing-prenatal-infant-music-cd-sale image

How about you?

The holidays are upon us and this is a great time to give gifts to people.

So, I would like to invite you to give my exclusive SingBabySing Prenatal and Infant Music CD, which is on sale now for 65% off.

Normally it sells for $14.99 but at 65% off it is only $5.25. I have a limited amount of copies so get a few. They make fantastic gifts and don’t cost much!

You can find out more about it right here….

Enjoy the gift of giving to others and have a fantastic holiday season!