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Interviews with Joy Sikorski

Los Angeles Family Magazine

Joy Sikorski’s article, “Nurture Your Baby’s Brain Through Song” featured in this well known magazine that is widely distributed in the Los Angeles basin.

Excerpt – “What if you could start from Day One to teach your baby to sing while you’re soothing her?” (full article)

The Dallas Opera

The Dallas Opera interviewed Joy Sikorski about the Puccini Effect™ and SingBabySing®. The interview appears in their Newsletter, Entr’acte.

Excerpt – “…sadly, vocal development is usually not even a minor consideration in our homes or educational institutions, and that’s because so few people really know much about the voice or how easy it truly is to train it early in life.” (full article)

Dateline Dominquez Hills

California State University at Dominguez Hills talks with Joy Sikorski about music and motherhood, her life in Alaska and what inspired her master thesis.

Excerpt – “…I learned that the earth vibrates at what is called the Schumann frequency (not associated with the composer) as do other planets and celestial objects. Sound frequencies pulsing at exact brainwave speeds cause a sympathetic response in the brain by which the brainwaves alter themselves to match the sound frequencies.”

“The DNA in our bodies also vibrates and emits sound frequencies. Beethoven is said to have claimed that there were certain musical compositions he could not complete unless he heard them in a dream, and the Celts believed that certain types of music could stop armies in their tracks.” (full article)